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Name Anonymous 16/02/15(Mon)09:27 No.28913  
Gimme your lunch money, now or I'll beat the shit out of you!
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/15(Mon)16:35 No.28917  
Boots, clothes, motorcycle, etc.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/15(Mon)22:57 No.28918  
I wish I could hear this from her. Why even live?
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/17(Wed)18:29 No.28926  
"I got you cornered here all alone...most boys would dream of this...but baka Shinji is scared of this harmless little girl, hmmmm?"
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/18(Thu)02:40 No.28927  

>physical money

goyim no
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/18(Thu)08:37 No.28928  
Gimme your lunch money, now then I'll beat the shit out of you!
Fixed that for you. Seems Shinji would be into that.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/19(Fri)02:59 No.28933  
>harmless little girl

She's harmful and venomous, shinji know what's up
>> 5pQptXFs Name Cassandra 16/05/03(Tue)14:52 No.29174  
Finidng this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

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