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Name Anonymous 16/05/26(Thu)09:16 No.27473  
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:40 No.27522  
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:40 No.27524  
Kill yourself you mewling little shitstain.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:42 No.27526  
You know this is funny for us, right?
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:45 No.27529  
Laugh it up, faggot, you're not even an Asukafag. You're just another ebin trole likely underaged faggot looking to get their rocks off. Casual piece of dick. You can't back up anything you say because you're chickenshit.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:47 No.27531  
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:48 No.27533  
You know it too. You don't even deny it you little shit. Go get run over by a train and stop tainting fandoms.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:53 No.27539  
Baseless claims aren't worth rebuttals. I heard mention of taint though, that has my curiosity.

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